Action of police officers against the debtors

The bailiffs work very efficiently because of their capabilities, but the efficiency is little visible, because the law imposes many restrictions on the work of judicial officers, the main ones:
Debt collection by force.
Restrictions on movement within the country.
Seizure of property in exceptional cases.
Arrests and detention in extreme cases.
The impossibility of deprivation of housing, if the borrower is unable to register in another place, etc.Last year bailiffs collected from citizens debts worth more than 400 billion rubles. A big role in achieving such figures played a sometimes unconventional and interesting methods of work with debtors, which often like to use bailiffs.

What’s new take bailiffs in respect of debtors, and how effective is it?

Here are the main new and innovative ways.

Access to all Bank accounts of debtors.
Limitation of travel abroad (more traditional method).
Restrictions in conducting of registration actions.
Scrolls persons of the debtors on the screens and on the posters.
The social network.
Exit to relatives.

1) Access to all Bank accounts of debtors.

Recently there was interesting news that the bailiffs get a quick, free access to all Bank accounts of debtors. Account they can not only block, but also to withdraw all the funds in payment of the debt. In addition, all incoming funds will be accumulated as long as the debt is fully repaid. Many debtors get wages on a Bank card or have additional income, but because this is a radical and effective way.
2) Limitation of travel abroad (more traditional method).

It is also very important and effective method of pressure on debtors, which has been used for a long time. Only in the last 10 months of 2012 to go abroad are unable more than 400 thousand Russians. Regarding outstanding loans travel abroad was prohibited 280 thousand citizens, and the remaining 120 thousand was not eligible to travel abroad, because did not pay child support.
3) Restrictions on the registration procedure.

The debtors will be prohibited to conduct registration activities such as:

Sell or buy car.
Sell or buy real estate.
The registration of property rights, inheritances, gifts, etc.

4) SMS-mailing.

This year, the Federal bailiff service is planning to send to debtors about 8 million messages to remind them about their debts. Last such experiment has yielded good results. Their debts paid off about 20% of debtors, which came messages. In any case, it will make at least the debtors:

To go to the official website of bailiffs.
To retain your personal information.
To view all your debts.
To find your nearest unit, they can turn to with questions.
To obtain any other necessary information.

5) Scrolling of the persons of the debtors on the screens and on the posters.

This unconventional method is widely used in some subjects of the Russian Federation, hoping to awaken in the conscience and shame. Persons of debtors is played on television, hang posters in buses and on poles etc.
6) Social networking.

Here is all information about the debtors, including their entertainment. A bailiff will be easier to find debtors and hand them a summons to arms.
7) Exit to relatives.

This method expects that relatives will be able to influence the debtor. Police officers explain to the relatives all the possible consequences.